Pathogen Hunter

Pathogen Hunter project explores how disease monitoring might change our health etiquette. Surveillance personnel - Pathogen Hunters - would be specially trained with very particular tools to manage infectious outbreaks. But no matter how clean we are or how healthy we feel, we still carry billions of microbes on our bodies.
Will we change our behaviour by preventing the spread of pathogens to others? What will be the consequences for our social conventions?

Mikael Metthey
Susana Soares

Steak Studio
Marcelo Vianna

Thanks to:
Miguel Fernandes Ceia
Filipa Alves de Sousa
Milan Metthey
Annabella Maneljuk
Lotan Satir
Rowan Brooks
James Wood

EPSRC - Impact! Exhibition
Helen Bailey

RCA Design Interactions Department
Prof. Anthony Dunne
Fiona Raby