WHAT IF...We could redesign human teeth to encourage vegetarianism?

Susana Soares

Recent research into the effects of eating meat on global warming estimated that meat production accounts for nearly a fifth of gas emissions. Recently the UN appealed for a radical shift in diet, arguing that it wouldn't only be good for our health, but for the planet in general.  Teeth are an essential tool for nutrition - their shape is related to diet. Herbivore animals, for example, have developed teeth that reflect their feeding preferences and facilitate the consumption of plant material.
Could our teeth structure be replaced to encourage a more sustainable dietary shift?

WHAT IF... Insects could help us diagnose illness?

BEE'S :: 2007-2009
Susana Soares

Scientific research has demonstrated that bees have an extraordinarily acute sense of smell. They can be trained within minutes, using Pavlov's reflex, to perform a health check by detecting a specific odour of people's breath.
This project consists of a series of alternative diagnostic tools that use bees to accurately diagnose a vast variety of diseases at an early stage. The project aims to build on current technological research, using design to translate the outcome into systems and objects that people can understand and use in their daily lives.

What if ? :: Opening 8.10.09


What if ?

WHAT IF... at Science Gallery - Dublin, Ireland

08.10.09 - 13.12.09.

The exhibition has been curated by London based designers Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby and features a range of works by designers who have explored future form, future function and future Fictions.