Lapse in time :: Bee's and Am i attractive?

Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes :: Lisboa 
13.09.09 - 08.11.09

Bee's :: 2007-2009  

Am i attractive? :: 2009
experiment from Why me? exhibit :: 
Collaborators UK - Rothamsted Research (Dr. James Logan & James Cook) 
PT - CMDT.LA/Unidade de Malária/IHMT


Special thanks to:
Virgílio E. do Rosário - Director da Unidade de Malária
Luís Távora Tavira - Coordenador do CMDT.LA
Henrique Silveira - Imunidade Inata do Mosquito Vector
João Pinto - Entomologia Molecular
Ana Paula Arez - Dinâmica de Transmissão e Epidemiologia Molecular
Ana Catarina Alves - Responsável pelo Insectário

EXD :: Lapse in time

Design between elasticity and social - cultural responsibility

" Lapse in Time spotlights young designers who have chosen the opposite route, uncompromising designers whose work is grounded on highly individual, in-depth thinking and boundary-defying creative elasticity. Pursuing innovation and cutting-edge experimentation at the crossroads of design, cognitive sciences, environmental concerns and intercultural exchange, they strive towards a change in paradigm, one that is also temporal. Though unique in vision and attitude, they share a common trait: that of operating on a wholly different “lapse of time”. They choose slow-evolving projects over consumerist rush, making fewer but better, more relevant, products."
Hans Maier-Aichen Curator of Lapse in time

STATE OF THE ARTS :: 10.09.09 ::18:00-19:00

Debate about Lapse in Time exhibition

The design of the future is going to be fabulous, fury, furious and fun. It will be a tool for love, a superhero ready to do battle for good and for evil. It will ask why it exists and what its purpose in life is. It will stick its middle finger up, run through the woods naked, and save the world.
Jerszy Seymour

EXD 09 :: It's about time

ExperimentaDesign is an international Biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity.
It's about time is the theme of the 5th edition of EXD.

Opening week:

"Am i attractive?" at Pestival 2009

An experiment from the "Why me?" exhibit from Rothamsted Research.

PESTIVAL :: Southbank Centre London :: September 2009
Celebrating insects in art, and the art of being an insect.

Dr. James Logan, Rothamsted Research.

Dr. James Logan and Mr. James Cook - Rothamsted Research Scientists
Susana Soares - Designer
Mónica Santos – Filmmaker

Andrew Forkes – Designer
Chris Merridan – Electronic engineer